Chests of Days Past

This isn’t normally the type of thing that I spend hours thinking about, but it’s something that’s crossed my mind, and as I can’t think of an explanation on my own that I believe could be likely, I decided to make this quandary the subject of today’s muse.

Why is it that so many topless models of the 1950s and 1960s had very specifically-shaped, “pointy” breasts?

To my surprise, “pointy boobs,” is actually how some refer to these type of breasts.  They’re also referred to as “constricted” or “tubular” breasts.

“Both of these breast shapes look kind of like torpedoes or pointy pyramids. Both of these breast shapes are fuller on bottom then they are at the top. Women who have this breast shape are either born that way, nursed, or experienced some weight loss.”1

“I think it was the bras of the time.” – Ana

I don’t think brasieres shape breasts… do they?



My initial thought was that pointy breasts were simply “in” back then, which is why so many of the sort were published in old nudie magazines and those classic-style photos (think Bette Davis or Dagmar). There’s a reason why the artillery shell shaped styling elements of certain bumpers of the 1960s were called, “Dagmar bumpers“.

According to MeDIndia, this is actually a “common abnormality.”2  Isn’t it funny how we’re all attracted to abnormalities, to genetic variations, and distiguished mutations?

What was it, culturally, that was responsible for the popularity of pointy breasts?

“…their posture back then was different. Women sat with their chests out. Plus it wasn’t very common for women to expose skin, so that made it even more popular.” – Monica

Now that’s something to consider. Maybe it helped a man’s imagination of what was underneath the clothes when the free exposure of skin was less common and acceptable. Can’t show cleavage? Not a problem when they’re shaped like this!

If the reason that so many breasts were of that shape (at least in popularized photos) simply because that was in style, were breasts formed or molded into that shape or were you just lucky if you had such a shape naturally?  If this breast shape is natural, it should be safe to assume that there are still women, today, with the same type of pointy, near-gravity-defying breasts, right?

Do these people with these pointy breasts still exist?

I have yet to gaze my eyes upon a pair of pointy breasts in the flesh, but according to others wondering the same thing on the internet, they do exist.  I didn’t have much luck finding out from a more official source with legitimate, supportive research data, but there were a few folks out there wondering the same thing on discussion boards.

“…naturally missle-tittied women still exist, but the shape is out of fashion as an ideal depiction of the human form, much like Charles Atlas-style barrel chests on men seem dated.” – elmwood3

That’s a good point.  I’m sure that insanely barrel-chested men like Charles Atlas still exist, but you really don’t see them flaunt them like they used to when they were in style.  If someone had that type of chest, it was probably not just flaunted, but also likely exaggerated.

“I think they still exist. I guess I didn’t get the Playmates angle. I was thinking of films from that era, where the bras seem to shape the breasts in a fashion that’s much different from what is common today. Something that I’d describe as perky 1960’s breasts. But looking at your link, were breasts just different then? Or have “common tastes” changed, meaning that what we’re exposed to (and such what we perceive as predominant or normal) has changed?” – Balthisar4

Am I satisfied now? No. Is there any first hand account of what made that shape so attractive in that period? What causes this to happen naturally, and where are these women now?





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