Kidnapping, Skewers, and Angelina Jolie

AccupunctureWow, was yesterday rough.  For some strange reason I might actually be seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.  That is, as long as they don’t keep making the tunnel longer.  Maybe I just need to build a faster train.  Yesterday may have been so rough for me because of the dream that I had the night before.  I don’t remember much up until the point at which I was kidnapped, more like taken hostage, by a couple of guys.  I wasn’t alone though.  Molly (our yellow lab) was with me.  I still had to go about my usual ways and interact with people like nothing was going on but had to deal with these guys following me around.  I couldn’t do whatever I wanted to, and had to do what they told me to do, but I couldn’t let people know what was going on.  At one point they drugged me and Molly up and when we came to we had skewers shoved through different parts of our bodies.  I had three in my upper arm, one in my hand, a few in my leg.  And I remember I think three in Molly’s leg.  It reminded me of acupuncture, but with skewers.  I had to deal with these guys forcing us around while trying to remove these skewers from myself and Molly.  The whole dream was so abnormal.  I can almost still feel the skewers.  And I felt so bad for Molly – that she had been “dragged into the situation” because of me.  But in the midst of all this I managed to run into my old friend Stephanie and met her husband and baby.  Who really understands these things?

Last night I had a dream that I was with Angie at another Pi Sigma Alpha event, but this one was more of a field trip sort of thing.  It might have even been a road trip – I can’t quite remember.  Drivers on the stretch of IH35 between Austin and San Antonio (southbound) are probably familiar with all of the vehicles “IN TOW” (or “IN TOWN”) – heh heh.  Looks like people from Mexico (who sometimes don’t know how to spell “tow”) buying busses, vans, and light pickup trucks from auctions and driving them (with another vehicle in tow) from central Texas back down to Mexico.  Anyway, The Pi Sigma Alpha members were packed into all of these vehicles, some in the driving vehicles, some in the towed vehicles.  We stayed at some sort of hospice overnight during the trip, but it seemed more like a drunken beach house.  Drama ensued, and I nearly had to kick some guy’s butt, but things worked themselves out.  And then enters Angelina Jolie.  She then spent the rest of my dream advising me on relationships (relationship advice from Angelina, huh?) and at that point it was like I wasn’t really a part of the group anymore.  It was almost like she was a ghost of Christmas past or present or future and we weren’t really acknowledged by the rest of the group.  And then I woke up when Angie came to bed (some time after 6AM) after falling asleep on the couch – and my new friendship with Angelina then ceased.

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