Last night I dreamt I was living in about 1880 (I remember this because someone said, “it’s been 15 years since the end of the war”, then something in reference to the abolition of slavery). I was staying in a home that wasn’t my own with two other people: a man in his 40s and a woman that might have been younger than me. The part of the home I was staying in might have been at basement-level with access to ground-level from the back via a door that led to a very small, enclosed area that was basically a ditch. While facing the open door from the inside I saw a small girl, probably around ten years old, jump down into the ditch. It had just gotten dark and it appeared that she had jumped in the ditch to get some sleep in a manner that was very wild. She treated the ditch much like a nest. When she saw me (I don’t think that floor of the home was normally occupied because she was surprised to see me) she looked at me for maybe a couple of seconds and I was able to see her very clearly. At first I thought she had brown skin, but upon closer inspection it was actually dark gray. She had dreaded, black hair that fell to her neck. I remember telling someone, “she was so dark all I could see of her face was the whites of her eyes,” which were bright white in comparison to her dark gray, almost blue-tinted, face.

When I walked out the door she quickly disappeared. After telling the couple I was with about the incident we all followed her outside, but found no trace of her. I don’t remember what happened between that event and the next, but the next thing I remember is finding more of these odd people, and eventually approaching one of them carefully enough to gain the trust of an entire community of what seemed to be outcasts who had been living literally underground, and the basement of this home was the entry (via a door behind a grandfather clock) to their underground home, which seemed much like a large warehouse, but with earth walls. There were support beams, stores of supplies, and other objects strewn about the space. There was a person who seemed to be the leader of the group, and he really seemed to be the only person who could speak properly and had the same social behavior as what you’d expect of a normal person… but, like the rest of the inhabitants, he was very dirty. As he stood in the center of the room he introduced himself and explained their situation ad the rest of the gray-skinned people hid in corners. My best recollection is that a small group of people went in hiding before/during the Civil War and never returned permanently to the surface. Those that originally hid had children and began families, but themselves quickly died of illnesses or gave themselves up to slaughter to allow the younger generation to eat. They occasionally surfaced to find plants to eat, but otherwise mostly lived on roots that they dug out of the walls. The majority of these people were children, and none seemed to speak. Through the majority of the dream I felt like I had to save them, or at least help.

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