Public Library, Public Health?

A thought crossed my mind today after I opened a disc container from the local Redbox. What a way to transmit disease?  Imagine how easy it is for a virus to be transmitted to media checked in/out of Redbox machines.  Someone with the flu stays home because he/she is too sick to do anything else, returns it to the Redbox, and minutes later the mother of a (healthy) family of four checks that same movie out for family movie night.  Surely the virus survives.  I doubt that Redbox sanitizes their disc upon check-in.

Does Redbox sanitize media?

Then I thought how much of a festering cesspool the public library may be.  I love libraries, but I always notice right away how many people use computers there because they have none of their own.  People are more likely to borrow a book when they don’t have enough money to buy one from Amazon, and people are even more likely to check out a movie from the video section of a library if they don’t have the money to rent one from Redbox or buy one from a retailer.  I have nothing against people who don’t make alot of money, but what I’m getting at here is… if you don’t have enough money for a computer or a book you probably also don’t have enough money for health insurance.

Are people that use public libraries sick more often than those people who don’t?

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