Harlequin Cabbage Bug

Harlequin Cabbage Bug on broccoli plant

Harlequin Cabbage Bug on broccoli plant

What are these stink bugs that look like lady beetles?

Last night I stumbled across these guys on one of my broccoli plants. At first I thought they were anchor bugs, which would have been a welcomed sight since I’m already considering buying some praying mantis egg sacks. Unfortunately, they’re the more destructive Harlequin cabbage bug.  Still, they’re very pretty.

They look alot like lady beetles. Is there an evolutionary reason for this?

I was struck by the intricacy of the stripes on the eggs neatly placed under the leaves, as well as the beautiful designs on both the anterior and posterior of the adults.  I really have fallen in love with insects this year.

Harlequin Bug Egg Sacks

Harlequin Bug Egg Sacks

What’s the purpose of the stripes on the eggs?

I doubt it’s a camouflage thing.

And how do the eggs end up so neatly placed?

If I were a bug I’m not sure that neatness would matter much to me.  Then again, I’m sure that it’s safest and most beneficial for a number of reasons – enough so that the bugs likely do it as part of their evolved nature.

They’re so neat that they look like sushi rolls.

I don’t like killing insects, but I have to draw the line somewhere. Perhaps I’ll get those praying mantis egg sacks now. After all, it’s time someone harvested the aphids in my garden.

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