Preface to 2008

If you want to find your self, remove yourself from the imprisoning life others have built around you. To know your self, you must do it alone.

Every invitation, every open door, is an opportunity to follow your life path. Should you pass it up the universe presents an alternative path, but not without having to work harder to get back on your path. It is best to be aware of each opportunity and important to have the openness and willingness to visualize it as such.

On consciousness, intelligence is a curse, something to surpass. It removes us from nature, from an association with nature and true natural reaction, from our natural place in the world.

Don’t plan. Instead, know that you will make the right decision when faced with a task or infinite forks in the road that we face each day, while visualizing the best outcome for you that will not cause grief to those with good intent.

When you make life easier, all you do is make it more complicated.

Respect nature. Don’t destroy it for any reason, be it personal gain, convenience, or enjoyment. Take care of it, and it will take care of you. Keep it alive and it will keep you alive. From trees and brush and grass, to the earth itself, or to the smallest insect or a large beast, only kill when necessary. And when you do, honor and respect the creature.

Don’t keep animals for the purpose of feeding your family. You are no longer consuming something natural. Consumption of an imprisoned creature, although seemingly beneficial, only leads to downfall.

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