Water is Clarity

Declare independence.  I await my own independence day.  A revolution, a turning.  A revelation, a revealing of “something hidden from the mass of humankind.”  An apocalypse of my life.  Each day I wonder what along my path will guide me, not knowing if I’m even still on track.  But as each day progresses, I lose what doubt I have.  I’m following the clues, clues that not only tell me where to go and how to get there, but what awaits.  It is harder to hear now, as easy as it was before.  But what I do hear is so much clearer.  I feel more stable.  Now that I’ll be keeping my head, it will be well stable while on its shoulders this time.

Solitary.  I must end fear of that thing, and find true solitude.  Sit upon it as if it were a welcome mat.  Go there, now that this is where all clues so far have led me to be.  It could be anywhere, something foreign, but so near.  Something with the reputation of intense strength and respect, but instead radiates a charm of comfort, amazement, and serenity.  El Solitario.  They don’t build cities here.  This place only serves one purpose, and only the truly curious and openhearted even bother to find it.

Déjà vu again, all over.  Weird things happening wherever I go.  “When independence means going solo.”  The sign was a real sign.  Even machines are speaking to me.  And for once in my life my horoscope actually applies.  “It may feel as if your life is renewing itself… your enthusiasm may get you going but it won’t be enough to ensure that you reach your destination… add a healthy dose of determination.”  Renewing.  Turning, revolving.  A revolution.  A revelation.  An apocalypse of my life.

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