Nature is God

Nature is god and all that is pure of intention and true.  Nature is responsible for all life, and death, and regeneration.  Nature created man, who creates natural and organic, but also artificial things as he strays from this creator.  Things become more complicated when man makes them “simpler.”  It is man who created the world that is so separated from nature today, the world that is so confusing, in which man is eternally searching for peace, cooperation, understanding, comfort, and satisfaction.  But the farther man turns from nature, the more difficult it becomes to find this.  He may find enough parts of these to feel satisfied and at peace in his own comfort zone, in his own home, but there will be no inner peace without external peace.  It is man, and the world he created, that has turned even god into a supporter of man’s destruction of nature itself – all to justify his own existence and his actions.  Man did not create nature.  It is nature that created man, and I pay respect to true nature before any man, not to a facsimile of a god that man manipulates at his will.

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