Satya Yuga

सत्य युग

With evolution there is migration.  With change comes relocation.  A natural segregation.  When change approaches, when growth occurs, you move out.  You start anew.  When we grow, evolve into something closer to our full potential, it’s necessary to isolate ourselves from the environment that is no longer familiar to us.  There’s a new place for the new you.  Stick with those most like you now, go there, and keep moving.

We do this just in time, never too soon, never too late.  As if positioning ourselves to let the golden age begin.  The age of truth, an age of enlightenment.  An age when man is pure, happy, and immortal.  A time of peace that follows a dark age.  The golden age even awaits us all, and apparently me as well in my Blockbuster queue.  On my bookshelf.  On my iPod.

Worse appear the better.  Interjectional theory.  The idea that human speech derives from a variety of sounds and outcries of an emotional nature.  Spider plants in Ball jars present themselves.  More clues, all day long, everywhere, so obscure.  Yet, I just squint and open my eye, and it’s right in front of me.  An electronic message from a friend with instructions to retrieve random words and images from the internet.  The results: the words in this journal and what I see in my own windowsill.  So that’s what all of those Ball jars were for.  To save the life of my spider plant.

Worse appear the better.  A silver lining.  No, silver itself.  Each cry for help, each problem, too, is an opportunity to fill in the blanks.  It’s not just the things that lure with positive promise, but also the despairing.

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